Friday, May 26, 2017

How to Make a One Page Profile, Ellie Style

Before I outline how to create your own One Page Profile for your child, I wanted to share with you why I think this concept is so important for our children.
About 5 years ago I attended a learning session on how to create a Person Centered Plan and the One Page Profile. Roberta Dunn, the Founder of
FACT was leading the session and it was so eye opening for me. Person Centered Planning is a positive, strengths-based approach to mapping out your child’s future. Your child's team comes together to create strategies to help them be their best self,as well as find solutions for support in the areas where they may be struggling. And as Ellie grows, she will be driving this process of determining her future. Later in her life we will all be her support in getting there.

Roberta explained that this method can be used when your child enters a new grade,
moves to a new school, if they are transitioning from Early Intervention into the school system, or even going to a new daycare. In any situation where you want your child's team to have a better understanding about your child this would be the time to use it.

It begins with a Vision Statement. The Vision Statement I used in Ellie's One Pager was courtesy of Laura Buckner. Laura was our keynote speaker at a
DSDN Rockin' Moms retreat.I remember there wasn't a dry eye in the house, as Laura explained the vision statement she brought to all of her son's IEP meetings. Her son is now an adult who lives a happy and productive life. She is an amazing advocate and mother. She told us to get out our pens and to write it down, this is it in it's entirety:

We envision Ellie living a life of choice. 

We envision her having relationships she finds meaningful.
We envision her spending her days at work and other places that she enjoys and finds productive.
We envision her living with people she chooses to live with in places she chooses to live.

A life of choice, this says a lot doesn't it? I really loved the vision statement and tweaked it a little for her One Pager, she's was only 4 when I first made it after all
:) But I plan on editing it as she grows, but it will always remain that we envision Ellie living a life of choice.

I also wanted to share the link to the
Person Centered Planning information from FACT. It is a wealth of information and I highly suggest reading it. I poured over many One Pagers to create Ellie's, it's so helpful to see what other parent's are doing.

Another tool that inspired me was the video
We All Belong which was created by NWDSA and All Born In. I sent this video to Ellie’s teachers, therapists, and the school Principal. It’s very impactful and I believe will help to reiterate your vision for your child.

And now I will walk you through how to create a One Page Profile for your child. To create Ellie's profile I used a graphic design website called Canva. There are many other templates in there if you don't prefer the one I made. I will list below how to take
the existing template I created and edit it to your child's needs. Please reach out if you get stuck or have any questions!

Step 1: When you open the link to the template, you have to save a copy before you do any editing as outlined in step 2. This is an important step!!! The template is HERE. Please do NOT start editing until after you complete step 2.

Step 2: Making a copy of the template is the next and most important step, if you do not do this, your information will be on the internet for the world to see. The template is a live document!

After you click the link, the template will pop up. In the upper left of your screen, choose FILE: MAKE A COPY:

Step 3: A new template will open, you can edit this copy as you please.

Step 4: You can rename your template here:

Step 5: Now you are ready to start editing the document!

Step 6: Start with your child’s pic, their adorable face will be looking back at you as you write down all of their amazing strengths!

To add a photo into the photo area, click on the left hand side under “uploads”:

Once you click under “uploads” you’ll see a button for “upload your own images”. Click here and add your child’s photo. From here you can drag and drop the photo into place.
Step 7: Background Color. Click on the left hand side under “background” and choose a color or pattern that you like.

Step 8: If you would like to change the font, highlight the text you'd like to change, then the font box will pop up. Here you can edit the font type as well as size.

Step 9: Edit the text. If you want to change up what the template says, click on the text and a text box will appear. Here you can go in and edit as needed:

Step 10: Are you all finished? Now it’s time to save off your masterpiece so you can print it! Go up to the “download” button and save as either a png or jpg. I have printed both options and they are similar in quality!

Step 11: I always end up saving the copy to my desktop so I can find it easily. I have used a printing service (I uploaded the document directly to the printing site) to make color copies, or just printed on our home color copier.

Step 12: Now you are ready to share with your team! And you know what's great? In Canva your template is now saved, so next time you log in you can go to File: Make a Copy and edit your One Pager each year as your child grows! It’s fun changing it up and seeing how your child has grown.

A few helpful tips: Don't edit from a phone. A desktop is your best bet. Also, your internet browser can change the font! I prefer to use Google Chrome.

I always end every blog post with a song. There's just something about this one that fills me with all the feels, like you want to raise your hands up and close your eyes, it's one of my all time faves:
The River - Leon Bridges

Ellie's first day of school - age 3!