Friday, May 26, 2017

How to Make a One Page Profile, Ellie Style

Edited to add: If you are here for the template, scroll past all of my babbling to where it says "ONE PAGE PROFILE TEMPLATE" and once you click on the link, make sure to save off a copy before you edit! Thank you!

Last week I posted the One Page Profile I made for Ellie in preparation for her transition to gen-ed preschool on my Facebook page. Somehow the post took off and has been shared around the world! My friend Joelle saw it had been shared in Australia, how that is possible?! Since then I have received many questions from parents on how to make one. I thought it would be helpful if I posted the template here!

First, I wanted to explain how I learned about this concept. Back when Ellie was just a wee babe, I went to an event that our local group DSNO hosted on Person-Centered Planning and the One-Page Profile given by FACT
FACT is an amazing local organization, their mission says it all: "Our mission is to empower Oregon families experiencing disability in their pursuit of a whole life by expanding awareness, growing community, and equipping families." Empower. And that exactly what they do. I went to this event on a whim, more for the companionship of other parents and maybe some wine, and I didn't expect to be so inspired so early on in Ellie's life.

I fought back tears as I listened to Roberta Dunn, the founder of FACT, talk about her son who is now a young adult. She shared his Person-Centered Plan with us, and it was full of positive information about him. She explained that his whole team would come together, and they would talk about what worked and why, and they would build his plan based upon his strengths. I don't know why but it hit me hard that night, it was so uplifting and positive! It gave me such hope for Ellie's future. I remember trying to envision what Ellie's plan would look like. I never imagined our girl would be heading into a gen-ed preschool, reading like a champ, with lots of friends, and be a lover of Taco Bell and rap. Yes, I included that info, because that is our girl.

Last Tuesday I had a mini panic attack. Ellie had her "transition meeting" that Friday. The premise of the meeting is to get her whole team together to discuss her move from specialized preschool to the general ed preschool. And the gen-ed preschool is the same school her big bros go to, and she will have the same teachers they had! Her teachers, therapists and future teachers were all going to be at this meeting. I had nothing prepared whatsoever (three days before!!!) so I posted a plea for help in a private Facebook group.

I received some awesome input on what to expect, what to do, and was reminded of the One Page Profile and Person-Centered Plan. I went to FACT's site and looked at the all of the examples and pulled together Ellie's document. I ended up using a site called Canva (if you are looking for the template I used, it's later on in this blog post.) This site is a graphic design website, and they also have an app. It is AMAZING. I highly recommend this website for any graphic design needs you may have. I've used it to create cards, posters, images for our Liquor Store page, etc.

I also wanted to share a video that I watched a couple of times before her transition meeting. This video was made by NWDSA and All Born In, two more wonderful local organizations, and it made a huge impact on me. If you are starting on the journey of advocating for your child's education I recommend you watch this video! Or send it to the educators you work with. I sent it to our Principal, Ellie's teachers and therapy team and it was well received.
We All Belong

And now the One Page Profile! Please note this template will not work on a phone, so be sure to open from a computer.

IMPORTANT: You MUST follow the instructions to save a copy for yourself, or else you will be overriding the existing template in Canva. Follow the instructions below on how to save your own copy before you update the document.

See above photo tutorial, or go to the upper left of the screen and click File: Make a Copy before doing any editing of the profile.
***Please go to FILE: MAKE A COPY (don't save until after you make a copy!!) or else your child's information will be on the internet for the world to see!***

(I've had to re-save the template link over and over due to the file being overridden, so please save a copy before editing!) Thank you!
I have also found that your internet browser can change the font! I prefer to use Google Chrome, I found that Internet Explorer will change the fonts and some words disappear from the template.

Once you have your profile just how you like it, go up to the top of the page and hit "download".

Then save as PNG or JPG (either works great). I saved mine to my desktop. From there I printed it on a color printer at 8x10, and make sure to print extra copies for the whole team! I am also saving the profile each year so I can look back and see how our girl has grown!

Please feel free to use any of the verbiage I used if it fits what you are looking to do. Last year when I attended the DSDN Rockin' Mom retreat we had a guest speaker named Laura Buckner. I remember there wasn't a dry eye in the house, as she explained the vision statement she brought to all of her son's IEP meetings. Her son is now an adult, who lives a happy and productive life. She is an amazing advocate and mother. She told us to get out our pens and to write it down, this is it in it's entirety:

We envision Ellie living a life of choice. 
We envision her having relationships she finds meaningful.
We envision her spending her days at work and other places that she enjoys and finds productive. 
We envision her living with people she chooses to live with in places she chooses to live.

A life of choice, this says a lot doesn't it? I really loved the vision statement and tweaked it a little for this meeting, she's only 4 after all :) But I plan on editing it as she grows, but it will always remain that we envision her living a life of choice.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I hope this helps you, and remember our kids are entitled to an education in the "least restrictive environment". 

For this week's post, since I talked about being so emotional so many times I decided to pick an emotional song! There's just something about it that fills me with all the feels, like you want to raise your hands up and close your eyes, it's one of my all time faves

The River - Leon Bridges

Ellie's first day of school - age 3!