Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why Blog?

When Ellie was born I spent countless hours on my phone reading everything I could about Down syndrome. Google was my best friend and my worst nightmare. I found the most comfort by reading blogs. I saw a glimpse into our future. I knew our life was going to be OK because of other parent's experiences. And not just OK, but awesome. These blogs saved me. While I was reading Kelle Hampton's blog, my husband was reading up on the medical side of Down syndrome. He taught me a lot those first few days and we realized how little we really knew about Down syndrome. Did you know that the  average height for a woman with DS is 4'9"!? I had no idea. We giggled thinking of our Ellie girl, being so small and cute. We are a big family, I mean huge tall. I have 5 older brothers and they are all tall, big viking looking dudes. My oldest brother is 6'7". My handsome hubby is 6'4", was our Ellie really not going to hit 5'? It was so interesting to me. We shared a lot of stories, statistics, laughter and tears in those first few days.

I felt like I needed to write down my feelings about having a child with DS. It was nagging at me, like I needed to let all of the emotions out somehow.  I asked Jesse what he thought about that, fully expecting to be shot down but he liked the idea! He said "if our story can help another family going through the same thing then I think you should do it" Wow! My super private Facebook loathing husband is OK with this. So here it goes... this is our story.

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