Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dreams Really Do Come True

6 months!
I can't believe our little Ellie is already 6 months old. In all honesty, every day goes by faster than the one before it. It's crazy to me.  She's starting to give us hugs and kisses, when I first realized she was doing it intentionally it made me cry (surprise, surprise.) We have only heard her giggle twice so far, and she's sitting up pretty good (with support of course.)  She's also eating baby food like a champ.  So far her favorite is apple sauce.

Eating lunch like a big girl.
Her personality is awesome.  She is very laid back and loves to give snuggles. She smiles more and more each day. She's also been sleeping through the night since 3 weeks old. Last weekend I woke up to the sound of the lawn mower outside.  I looked over and Jesse wasn't in bed, Ellie was fast asleep next to me in her bassinet.  I got up and Luke was still asleep too.  I checked the time and it was 9:45.  What baby sleeps in until 9:45? Or even a 4 year old for that matter?  I made my way outside and Jesse and Will were out mowing.  They said they got bored waiting for us to wake up :-P She is such a fun baby and loves to sleep like her mama.

When I think back to how Jesse and I both had dreams about Ellie before she was here, I still get goose bumps.  I recently found an old email I had written to a friend.  I was discussing having two children and how Jesse and I didn't want to "risk it" by having another baby.  Here's an excerpt from that email:

"I always felt like I'd have a daughter, and my husband feels content and grateful for our two boys, he says he doesn't want to risk anything again. We actually both had dreams while I was pregnant with my youngest that we had babies with down syndrome. When they thought Luke might have it, my husbands face turned white. Later I confessed my dream to him, and he said he had the same dream! It was all too weird. When we found out Luke was OK it was such a relief.  I think that's still in the back of his mind." 

It boggles my mind that Jesse and I both had premonitions about her.  We were being prepared for her arrival without even realizing it. My mom and dad always said that our dreams represent "a fear or a desire."  When I told mom about my dream she reassured me "oh honey, it's just a fear" and she told me I needed to stop worrying about it.  Well I didn't realize it at the time, but it turned out that my dream was a desire, not a fear. I can't imagine my life without Ellie in it. I'm so grateful for her. I'm so glad our dreams came true.

I love this picture for so many reasons.  It shows off some of Ellie's "Down syndrome markers" so I thought I'd point them out: brushfield spots in her eyes, flattened nose bridge, upward slanted eyes, her single palmar crease across her hand, small low set ears... to me, it's just Ellie and I think she's beautiful. :) 

This month Ellie has her big appointment at OHSU's Down Syndrome Clinic, her 6 month well-baby visit, and an appointment with the eye doctor.  I will do a blog post to update everyone on how she's doing. I have wondered how well she can hear, see, and if her thyroid is functioning. I'm so curious to see what the panel of specialists at the DS Clinic will tell me.  It is 4 hours long, so I'm sure we will get something worthwhile from the appointment.  My fingers are crossed all goes well.

This is Ellie's old man impression.. "where's my teef, sonny?"
Here are a few more pictures of our smiley 6 month old. She had a great 4th of July with everyone. She was held the whole time and slept through the loud booms of the fireworks show. I was a slacker and didn't take any pictures of our big party this year... darn it. 

4th of July - Shooter Jennings

Ellie and her big brothers
This is one of her new smiles and it cracks me up!
Being silly for the camera! I'm addicted to my collage app on my phone (obviously)!!


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    1. It's cracking us up! I'm wondering if she's getting her first tooth because she is doing that face all the time now! :-P

  2. I hope you enjoy your day at OHSU. Remember, it takes a village, and you have some of the best villagers on your team! Add the professionals on the hill, and Ellie will be in good hands. Take time to celebrate this sweet little one, and don't sweat the small stuff. God doesn't give us more than we can handle. Hugs!

    1. Mary Gene, I know. We have a big awesome village. I am trying not to sweat the small stuff. Every time I do worry about something Ellie proves me wrong anyhow!

  3. I love the pictures of little E! She is looking so grown up, I'm already feeling wistful about sharing pictures of our babies when they were itty bitty little things. :)

  4. Beautiful pictures of your girl. She's a real beauty. You and your husband have a special connection with your daughter, she was destined to be a part of your family. Hope your upcoming appointment at the Ds clinic goes well :)

  5. She is an absolute beauty! Best of luck at your appointment at the Ds clinic; you'll get lots of great information!

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    1. What a beautiful little angel you have. We have our own little angel that has DS. Little did we know what joy she would bring to our family! I enjoy your positive blog and am passing it on.

  7. I am so thrilled to see how well Ellie is doing! We never know when and where the joy will appear in our lives, do we?? BTW...whenever I hear "Hallelujah" it just takes my breath away; thanks for posting such a wonderful version!. Eileen