Sunday, May 24, 2015


You know that old saying "it takes a village to raise a child?" I never fully understood the meaning behind it until I joined the Rockin' Mom groups through the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network. There is such comfort in knowing I can navigate through this sometimes uncertain journey, and that I will always have these moms to lean on. We will always have each other, through thick and thin. Our kids are growing up together and they too will have each other. It's a connection unlike anything I've ever experienced.

We have decided to raise funds to help our amazing DSDN families grow and thrive. The DSDN shepherds kids from 0 to age 3, and provides support to the families of these children through the #sharethelove Rockin' Family FundWe are one big rockin' family.

Who are these rockin' families? Please watch and find out in the beautiful video below:

With only one week left in our fundraiser we are hopeful that we can reach our goal of $10,000! Please help us get there by clicking this link and donating, every single dollar helps. If you want to read a really thoughtful post about it, my co-advisory board member and co-video planner Jisun explains it much more eloquently than I can here

We thought it was important for you to know our kids and to have a glimpse into our lives. Jisun and I reached out to our Rockin' Moms for photos, and we received hundreds of gorgeous submissions. My brother Joey generously donated his video creating services. After many long nights, multiple messages, lots of editing and rearranging, he had to gently tell us that if he used every photo we received that the video would run for 30 minutes! It was painstaking to narrow it down into a 5 minute video. Below are some examples of the stunning images we received.

Please help us fulfill our mission and give our Rockin’ Families the support, love, courage, and community they need. Are you wondering where the funds go? Your donations will enable us to help our families in the following ways:

1. Welcome
When a pregnant or new mother first hears the words "your baby has Down syndrome", it can be a time full of uncertainty for what the future holds. DSDN is there to welcome these new parents into our Rockin' Mom support groups. We estimate that our Rockin' groups will grow by 500-600 moms this year alone! Having others who understand what you are going through is invaluable.

The Rockin' Family Fund will enable us to send a small gift to each new mom and child that join our network, ensuring that every family is able to see the celebration in this new life.

2. Support

Sometimes our Rockin' kids are sick. We have some children who require heart surgery, long hospital stays and encounter other medical concerns. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to brighten a family's day with hope when facing medical uncertainty.

The Rockin' Family Fund will help us send care packages to families facing medical issues and extended hospital stays.

3. Comfort 
Sadly, we have lost a few of our babies in our DSDN Rockin' Family. It is heartbreaking to see the announcement when a child passes away. It is important for us to support these families through the hardest time of their life. Late last year we began sending memorial wind chimes to families grieving the loss of a child. Every time one is sent out, our hearts break knowing what that family is facing. The Rockin' Family rallies around these parents and we come together to mourn the loss. We have also created a loss support group so these families will have each other to lean on in the days ahead.

The Rockin' Family Fund will help us
continue to send a personalized memorial wind chime to families that experience a loss.

4. Empower
Many times upon learning of a Down syndrome diagnosis, families will have a thirst to gather as much information as possible. There are many local and national opportunities for education through conferences, retreats and classes. But sometimes there are financial limitations keeping families from attending.

The Rockin' Family Fund will enable us to empower families to seek out information and resources to best support their family.

Can you help us #sharethelove? Please donate today and offer the gift of hope to these families.