Friday, September 15, 2017

Quit Shaming Me. A Letter From My Mama Heart

Do you guys remember that Unicorn drink from Starbucks? It was layers of blue and pink topped with whipped cream and sparkly sprinkles. It was pure fatty magical frothy goodness. One Saturday I was checking out at the grocery store with all three kids and the store clerk, a young man probably in his 20's, asked us what we were up to that day. "Oh we are heading to get a Unicorn drink from Starbucks, we are so excited!" I exclaimed. He looked at me in total disgust and said "I would never, ever let my 3 year old drink that, do you realize how much sugar is in those things!?" To which I replied, "Oh I know, but one drink won't hurt them, I'm just being a good mom!" 

"Keep telling yourself that" he replied.

I stared blankly at him, blinking hard.

Keep telling yourself that.

Chip away at my mama heart will ya? Keep chipping.

Just this past week I've had in-depth conversations with my mom, my mom-in-law, and my neighbor (and good friend) about what I call "mom-shaming". It is happening all around me. As if I couldn't second-guess my parenting any more; I'm faced with articles like "Your Kid is a Brat and it's all your Fault", or the article that started off by explaining that suicide rates are up 200% in kids ages 10-14, or mental illness is rampant in our children. Do you know why this is happening? It's all because of us, parents, US! We don't feed our kids nutritious food, they play too many video games, we don't play enough board games with them, we bribe them too much, we coddle them, or because they aren't outside playing enough.

Chip, chip, chip.

Full disclosure. As you know, our girl Ellie has Down syndrome. And there's one particular rule that I break, and I break it hard.
"Avoid using technology during meals, in cars, restaurants, malls"
I dare the author to take Ellie to a baseball game or a restaurant and ask her to sit quietly. I can bring coloring books, toys, snacks, and even a leash (full disclosure, remember?) and this girl will not stay with us. In the world of Down syndrome this is called "bolting" and it's a real thing. So I admit I let
 her watch her YouTube videos or play games on my phone. 

Chip, chip.

We are lucky to live in Oregon. It is beautiful here, and when it's not raining our kids are out on their bikes, on the trampoline, playing with the neighbors or building forts. Not unlike my childhood, really. And if they are in the house, we are usually relaxing, watching a movie, playing video games or talking about our day. Not unlike my 80's childhood, cough..ahem... Nintendo addict. Because with sports, art, appointments, work, and school, our life can be pretty busy. So I admit we don't eat dinner around the dinner table every single night. Wednesday night? I fed the boys mac-n-cheese with hot dogs in it. I was tired, damn it.

Chip, chip.

So, I've made a decision, I've made a stand in my overly tired mom-brain. I will continue to read the articles. I will! And I'll try to incorporate some of the good nuggets of info into my life. But only in baby steps. I really do appreciate the ideas, like playing a board game every night with the family. But you know what? This is real life. Our oldest has soccer and gets home around 7ish. We then eat a quickie dinner and check backpacks. We may sit and watch a show and then we might even have ice cream (gasp!!!) So board games? They may happen once a week, if that. And on non-sports nights maybe I'll make an effort for us to eat together at the dinner table.... I'll have to clean the clutter off the table first, though.

Moms, promise me, please? As you read those articles, don't beat yourself up over them. Maybe you are doing everything in those lists like me. At the end of the day ask yourself this, are your kids happy? Are they grateful? Are they fed? Clothed? And you know damn well they are loved. You are doing an amazing job. Now take that hand of yours, put it on your back and give it a little pat. You are amazing. 

Oh, you know what? I used that Unicorn drink as bribery for my kids to be good while I grocery shopped.


And... they had sold out of the darn Unicorn Frappuccino that day. My kids never even got to experience the fatty frothy elusive goodness.

So maybe I am a good mom, after all.

For this post, I've chosen a song from our Rockin' Mom Retreat Playlist that I get to compile each year. How lucky am I to get to do that?! Anyways, I LOVE this one. Listen to it. And moms, give yourself a break, this is the only time we have - enjoy it.

This is the Only Time We Have - Ryan Miller